Our surgery is equipped to perform the following procedures and all conservative alongside treatment for trauma.

Treatment for work related accidents

Doing and interpreting X-Rays of the skeletal system

Epidural and Spinal blockades for the treatment of slipped discs. Physical therapy

We also offer to do small surgical treatments under local anaesthetic , larger surgical procedures under general anaesthesia (e.g. Hernia repair, hand surgery, nerve entrapments, haemorrhoidectomies, excision of fistulas and removal of metals.)

Cosmetic treatments include
Permanent reduction of axillary sweat by means of axillary
axillary suction curettage (1000 Euro) under local anaesthetic

Surgery to the eyelids (from 800 Euros)

Removal of benign telangectasia

Reduction of acne and hyper pigmentation through microdermabrasion ( this is the abrasion of the skin with micro crystals, it does not bleed and needs to be repeated various times)

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